PLRV vectors

The following aphid species have been shown to be physically capable of transmitting PLRV:

Species Common Name PLRV Index
Myzus persicae Peach-Potato Aphid 1.00
Aulacorthum circumflexum Mottled Arum Aphid 0.90
Aphis gossypii Melon and Cotton Aphid 0.50
Myzus nicotiannae 0.35
Aphis fabae Black-Bean Aphid 0.30
Aulacorthum solani Glasshouse and Potato Aphid 0.30
Myzus ascalonicus Shallot Aphid 0.30
Myzus ornatus Violet Aphid 0.30
Rhopalosiphoninus latysiphon Bulb and Potato Aphid 0.30
Aphis nasturtii Buckthorn-Potato Aphid 0.25
Macrosiphum euphorbiae Potato Aphid 0.15
Phorodon humili Damson-Hop Aphid 0.12
Rhopalosiphoninus staphyleae Mangold Aphid 0.10

Due to the nature of the virus, only those species that colonise the crop are likely to actually transmit the virus and cause significant virus spread. These species are highlighted.

An image of Myzus persicae
Myzus persicae - A common coloniser of potato crops