PVY vectors

The following aphid species have been shown to be physically capable of transmitting PVY:

Species Common Name PVY Index
Myzus persicae Peach-Potato Aphid 1.00
Acyrthosiphon pisum Pea Aphid 0.70
Sitobion avenae Grain Aphid 0.60
Cavariella aegopodii Willow-Carrot Aphid 0.50
Aphis nasturtii Buckthorn-Potato Aphid 0.40
Rhopalosiphum padi Bird Cherry-Oat Aphid 0.40
Rhopalosiphum padi FEMALE Bird Cherry-Oat Aphid 0.40
Metopolophium dirhodum Rose-Grain Aphid 0.30
Brachycaudus helichrysi Leaf-Curling Plum Aphid 0.21
Aulacorthum solani Glasshouse and Potato Aphid 0.20
Macrosiphum euphorbiae Potato Aphid 0.20
Myzus ascalonicus Shallot Aphid 0.20
Myzus ornatus Violet Aphid 0.20
Rhopalosiphoninus latysiphon Bulb and Potato Aphid 0.20
Hyperomyzus lactucae Currant-Sowthistle Aphid 0.16
Aphis fabae Black-Bean Aphid 0.10
Brevicoryne brassicae Cabbage Aphid 0.01

Crop colonisers are highlighted.

Read an explanation of the Relative Transmission Efficiency here.

An image of Myzus persicae
Myzus persicae - A common coloniser of potato crops