How does the aphid monitoring scheme work?

Step 1

Picture of a water trap starter pack

We send you a water trap complete with sample pots and instructions.

Step 2

Picture of a water trap in a field of potatoes

Set up your water trap at canopy height in your crop.

Step 3

Picture of sieving contents of a water trap through muslin

Once a week, sieve the trap contents through the muslin provided.

Step 4

Picture of an aphid sample pot and envelope

Put the muslin & insects into
a sample pot and post it to us at Fera.

The results of the identification are then swiftly returned to you (via this website or e-mail) with a vector pressure index. The cost of this service is £30 per trap (one off purchase) and £32 per sample.

This graph shows the number of water traps analysed by Fera each year, from 1996 onwards. Many of our customers have joined the scheme because of personal recommendation by another commercial grower. If you would like to join this group of growers concerned with aphid transmitted diseases, then please e-mail the scheme administrator with your details and you will be contacted either immediately or in advance of the next growing season (your choice) to discuss the details.